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Stephanie's homepage

Life is meaningless only if we allow it to be. Each of us has the power to give life meaning,
to make our time and our bodies and our words into instruments of love and hope.
-Tom Head

  • Westside The School I currently attend.
  • Today's Menu Where I get my lesson plan and the assignments I have to accomplish.
  • HTMLHere I get links to help build up my web page.
  • freewebspaceI have all my assignments here and where I build up my skills.

    My Work:

  • My Favorite Things I wrote about my favorite actors, food, and things I do in life.
  • Civil Rights Here I wrote about the civil rights movement and how it impacted peoples life.
  • Metaphor
  • To A Son A poem by Langston Hughes where a mother helps her son by focusing in the future and not the past.
  • Shakespeare Sonnet One A poem by William Shakespeare about a young man who is to into his looks and not into others.
  • Scarlet Ibis A short story about two brothers who face difficulties in life with his younger brothers disability.
  • Irony
  • satire

    My Journal
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